Hazing Low Gloss

Hazing Low Gloss is a common problem that occurs in the accurate application of coatings.

What visual appearance does hazing low gloss take?

Hazing low gloss appears as dull, low reflective appearance of coating.

What probable causes are there for hazing low gloss?

  • Film of material such as PTFE that rises to the surface (does not harm performance), low cure temperature/time
  • Presence of moisture (humidity) during coating, leaving a rough, low-gloss surface
  • Oven fouling
  • Low film thickness or rough substrate

 What suggested solutions can solve the problem?

  • Rapid cool down may improve gloss, increasing cure temp./time may eliminate hazing
  • Check oven, substrate
  • Check water traps for moisture
  • Check DFT

Support programs, free testing facilities and application advice are often made available from coating manufacturers, helping prevent problems early in the process, saving time and money.

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