Eruptions in Die Cast Parts

Eruption in Die Cast Parts is a common problem that occurs in the accurate application of coatings.

What visual appearance do eruptions in die-cast parts take? 

Eruption in die-cast parts appears as occasional, random eruptions and/or small pockmarks.

What probable causes are there for eruption in die-cast parts?

  • Microcavities containing air in the metal
  • The air expands during curing, erupting (outgassing) and leaving either a small eruption or a crater

What suggested solutions can solve the problem? 

  • Force eruptions prior to coating by preheating the parts to a temperature above the cure temperature
  • If no blisters appear, let parts cool, then coat and cure
  • If blisters still appear, advise your customer
  • Select coating with lower cure temperature.

Support programs, free testing facilities and application advice are often made available from coating manufacturers, helping prevent problems early in the process, saving time and money.

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