Bubbles and Pins

Bubbles and pinholes are common problems that occur in the accurate application of coatings.

What visual appearance do bubbles and pinholes take?

 Bubbles and pinholes appear as many small pock marks or tiny holes in the coating.

What probable causes are there for bubbles and pinholes?

  • Excessive agitation causing the coating to foam, trapping gas or air in bubbles
  • Excessive pumping or a leaking pump
  • The rapid evaporation of solvent

What suggested solutions can solve the problem?

  • Reduce agitation in the tank and check the pumping process
  • Add slow-evaporating solvent
  • Warm the parts more gradually, flash briefly before curing

Support programs, free testing facilities and application advice are often made available from coating manufacturers, helping prevent problems early in the process, saving time and money.

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