Nonstick Release

Nonstick or release is the inability of substances to adhere to a coated surface. Commonly associated with cookware and the release of food materials, nonstick and release properties are also beneficial in industrial processes where the build-up of foreign materials (dirt, ice, soot) is an issue. Whitford’s nonstick release coatings work to eliminate such issues. The surface makeup and formulation structure results in foreign particles being unable to stick to the coating, either falling off or being easily removed through scraping or as a component comes into contact with a mating surface.

A nonstick or release coating is made up of five base elements:

  • Binder (or resin): adheres to a surface, acting as ‘glue’ providing adhesion and cohesion. The binder or resin selected is key in determining the fundamental properties of a coating.
  • Pigment: provides various color options
  • Nonstick component (fluoropolymer or silicone): provides the release capability
  • Reinforcing Agents: strengthen the coating and resist wear
  • Carrier (water or solvent): in which the other materials are suspended, evaporating when a coating is cured

Whitford manufactures a complete range of high-performance fluoropolymer and sol-gel ‘ceramic’ nonstick coatings for various purposes, designed for ease of application and high-performance properties. Whitford’s nonstick coating range is available in a range of colors and decorative effects – easily identifiable, functional and attractive for end users.

There are various levels of nonstick or release coatings available – dependent upon the end use and performance requirements. Coatings with nonstick and release properties have many advantages:

  • Easy removal of food or end products depending upon the coating function
  • Ease of cleaning and convenience
  • Healthy for consumer use requiring little or no oil for cooking purposes
  • Cost saving when refurbishing equipment or re-using components

Nonstick and release coatings can be applied through a range of techniques: Coil, Curtain, Roller and Spray. See Application Methods for further information.

Whitford’s nonstick release coatings have benefits for and are sold into various markets:

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