Web Accessibility Policy

Web Accessibility is really important to us. We are committed to making the Whitford website accessible to as many different people as possible. The site aims to be compliant with worldwide standards for web accessibility. We believe that making our site accessible improves the visitor experience for all.

Ensuring web accessibility: Steps we’ve taken

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure accessible web pages:

  • Using alt tags on images.
  • Using sufficient contrast on colors
  • Using CSS to allow the separation of style and content.
  • Providing alternative content where page elements are not accessible/unsupported.
  • Captioning or providing transcripts for audio/video content
  • Publishing pages generated from valid HTML templates.
  • Communicating best practice to all web editors, encouraging the use of appropriate headings and clearly labeled links.

Adjusting text size

To guarantee better web accessibility, the size of the text on this site can be increased or decreased. To do this, adjust your browser’s settings by going to the Tools menu, then select ‘text size’ or ‘text zoom’ or ‘zoom’ and increase the size of the text. Alternatively:

  • On Microsoft Internet Explorer hold Alt + V then press X followed by Return (Enter).
  • On Firefox hold Ctrl then use the plus and minus keys to adjust the font size.
  • On Chrome hold Ctrl and then use the plus and minus keys to adjust the font size.
  • On Opera use the plus and minus keys to increase and decrease the font size.