Why Whitford’s Complete Coating Systems Perform So Well

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Date: 14th September 2018

Why Whitford’s Complete Coating Systems Perform So Well

Whitford Corporation’s coating systems solve problems for a variety of industries and have for over 50 years. The company’s evolution of high-performance, dry-film lubricant coatings dates back to the early 1970s, with the introduction of Xylan® 1010, developed to solve a combination of problems in the fastener industry such as lack of lubrication and chemical and corrosion attack. Since then, Whitford Corporation has continued to develop industrial coatings that meet the ever-evolving needs of the fastener industry.

An Understanding of Coating Components

In general, coatings are composed of five components. These components are the binder resin, lubricant, carriers, additives and pigments. The main contributors to the functionality of a coating are the binder resin, lubrication package and pigment. However, all five of the coating components are needed to ensure a perfect balance of properties. For example, in thin-film, dry-lubricant coatings, tight tolerances often make achieving the ideal formulation even more difficult.

New Coating Provides Optimum Corrosion Resistance

For more than 50 years, innovation and continuous im- provement have been the hallmark of Whitford. The com- pany’s new zinc-flake basecoat technology is the most recent development. This new coating technology offers optimum corrosion resistance as a stand-alone base coating. And when this zinc-flake basecoat product is used in combination with Whitford’s Xylan topcoats, the system performance is superior to other coatings.

The zinc-flake basecoat is a premium inorganic coating product containing zinc or zinc-aluminum flakes, which are more environmentally friendly. This is because they are free of harmful heavy metals such as Cr-(VI), cadmium, cobalt, lead and nickel.

These new zinc-flake basecoat technology coatings provide users with very good corrosion resistance (more than 1000 hours SST at 8 to 12 µm). And they have an attractive silver appearance, which is the standard in the industry. Addition- ally, these coatings provide a high degree of hiding power as well as easy coverage with Xylan topcoats.

When they are utilized with a Xylan topcoat, the coatings provide a consistent coefficient of friction (μtot of 0.08 to 0.20). This is particularly beneficial not only in bolt instal- lation, but also in providing low friction and long wear for screw installation. The combined system of basecoat and topcoat provides superior corrosion resistance as well as barrier protection.

To obtain additional technical information on the company’s Xylan zinc-flake technologies, contact us.