New Nonstick Coating Colors Collection 2019 by Whitford

Eye-catching color is one of the best ways marketers set their products apart from the competition. Whitford agrees and dedicates time and energy into researching the latest trends in colors. Now Whitford offers a unique color collection for 2019, for cookware, bakeware and small electrics.

Category: Housewares

Date: 16th January 2019

New Nonstick Coating Colors Collection 2019 by Whitford

Enduring Elegance

Whitford’s new palette embodies a timeless elegance and captures the current trends in home decor. The collection offers 12 options for nonstick interiors and decorative exteriors. Whitford also continues to offer an array of existing blacks and varying shades of gray for PTFE and exterior coatings, plus basic whites and creams for its ceramic “sol-gel” nonstick and decorative coatings.

For more information on Whitford’s new collection, please contact us.  The new colors were presented at Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany, and the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois. If you missed them at either of these shows, you can still catch the new collection at Exclusively Housewares, Booth 425, 11 – 12 June 2019, London, UK.



With exterior coatings, we can achieve brighter and closer matches to Pantone since there are no food-contact safety regulations, permitting accessibility to a wider range of colorants that can be used in the coatings. 

For interior coatings, there are food-contact safety regulations and these add limitations to the colorants that can be used. Additionally, the curing temperature for some interior coatings is much higher than that of exterior coatings. This further limits the range of colorants that can be used. Together, these factors will affect the final color that can be matched which might deviate from the standard (especially for bright colors).