Industrial Bakeware

Whitford is a worldwide leader in innovative coatings for all types of industrial bakeware. We offer a variety of one-, two- and multicoat systems with a broad range of problem-solving properties. These include permeation resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, surface preparation, adhesion, color matching and, of course, nonstick performance.

Whitford’s coatings, both interior and exterior, are tailored to perform under high fat, high sugar, or protein-containing conditions. Our formulae include fluoropolymer, silicone, or sol-gel technologies. All are designed for use in high-volume industrial as well as artisanal bakeries. They perform equally well on new and refurbished substrates. In addition, we offer the latest innovations in waterborne, NMP-free, and powder coatings.

All Whitford industrial bakeware coatings comply with the strictest food-contact regulations in the markets in which they are sold.

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