Decorative Coatings

Whitford’s global technical and sales teams work closely with housewares manufacturers, coaters, retailers and end users to solve problems and fulfill specific requirements within the fast-paced housewares industry. Our decorative coatings, specifically designed for use on housewares exteriors offer a range of products to improve the appearance and effects of housewares products. All exterior coatings are made without PFOA.

Through product design, research and development Whitford’s dedicated teams analyze the decorative exteriors coating market considering trends, fashion and the demands of the market to meet the high standards and expectations of the end user:

Xylac®: Water- and solvent-borne coating systems that can be applied by roller, coil, spray or curtain techniques. Available in various colors and effects, Xylac coatings offer products suitable for a range of housewares designs and uses.

Fusion®X: A Sol-gel ‘ceramic’ waterborne, low-cure exterior coating. Spray applied, FusionX is a two-pack product.

Skandia®: A roller system, typically used as a nonstick interior coating. Skandia is also available for exteriors when applied by coil techniques.

Whitford’s exterior coating technology offers exterior coatings with outstanding heat-resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance. Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean Whitford’s decorative coatings look better and last longer.

A competitive market, Whitford offer matte or high gloss, spatter or highly metallic exterior coatings, to make the end appearance as attractive and on-trend as possible.

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