Whitford’s global technical and sales teams work closely with housewares manufacturers, coaters, retailers and end users to solve problems and fulfill specific requirements within the fast-paced housewares industry. Our coatings, specifically designed for use in the Bakeware market have high release/nonstick and abrasion resistant properties, created in response to the conditions and specific uses they endure.

Whether a bakeware coating is spray- or coil-applied, a value-priced one-coat or a gourmet two-coat, Whitford’s bakeware coatings offer a range of products to provide peak performance.

Spray Bakeware Coatings

Whitford’s spray bakeware coatings, available in a wide range of colors, cover a range of price, performance and market levels to meet all end-user requirements. A flexible and easier application method, spray coatings can be applied over a variety of substrates to a range of film thicknesses.

Eterna®Si: A two-coat, gourmet level system, suitable for aluminized or carbon steel. Whitford’s best reinforced nonstick coating for bakeware that releases for longer.

Eclipse®: A two-coat, gourmet and upper moderate level system suitable for aluminized or carbon steel. A reinforced system for ultimate abrasion resistance.

QuanTanium®: A two-coat, high end and moderate level system suitable for aluminized or carbon steel. A system reinforced with titanium for long-lasting performance.

Quantum®2: A two-coat, high end and moderate level system suitable for aluminized or carbon steel. A  doubly reinforced system to stand up to almost anything.

Quantum: A one-coat, moderate level system suitable for aluminized or carbon steel. A slightly reinforced system to outlast conventional nonsticks.

Xylan®: A range of one-coat, entry level, opening price point or promotional systems suitable for carbon steel. Economical, everyday nonstick coatings with light reinforcements dependent on the product chosen.

Coil Bakeware Coatings

Coil coating technology, applied when the metal bakeware is post-formed in production using pre-coated material (metal sheets) allows an easier and more uniform film thickness than spray application methods.

A very efficient application method, coil coating offers nearly 100% transfer efficiency. Creating an even film-thickness, achievable at low film-thicknesses, coil coating is an economical, environmentally-friendly coating process.

Eterna®: A two-coat, high-end system – our best coil coating for bakeware with ultimate nonstick properties.

QuanTanium®: A two-coat, upper moderate level system, reinforced with titanium-based particles for exceptional abrasion resistance.

Skandia® Xtreme+: A two-coat, moderate level system, with outstanding stain resistance and release.

Skandia® Xtreme: A two-coat, moderate level system, with low film-thickness and outstanding release.

Skandia® 2: A two-coat, economical level system, with high gloss nonstick.

Skandia®: A two-coat, economical level system, an economical alternative to spray coatings.

Whitford’s bakeware coatings offer high reliability and compliance to all regulatory standards. Working closely with worldwide test institutes, manufacturers and industry organizations, our products meet the latest testing requirements.

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