Whitford coatings are widely specified within the renewable energy industry. They are engineered to withstand challenging environments, extend the life of components, increase power take off & efficiency up-time and reduce maintenance.

Our coatings are used in offshore/onshore wind, wave, tidal, solar, thermal, biomass and hydro electric energy that are all classed as  Green Energy derived from natural sources.

Our dedicated teams are actively involved at all levels of the supply chain; operations, engineering and manufacturing. Whitford’s global technical experts and R&D centers are constantly developing new coating technologies to address the needs of the industry.

Whitford is actively engaged with test sites around the world. We work with many stakeholders including the following:

  • Owners, operators OEM’s and developers
  • Certification bodies
  • Academic institutions

Offshore and onshore environments face similar challenges. Onshore energy generation encounters problems with corrosion, abrasion and long-term dry-film lubrication. The same challenges in an offshore setting occur more quickly. Whitford’s Xylan range of high-performance coatings have been developed to deal with these issues.

Abrasion and Wear Resistance

Abrasion resistant coatings provide thin layers of lubrication. They protect metal parts from making physical contact with each other and increase service life. Parts that are coated include hinge pins, piston casings, compressors and fasteners.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion damage in marine environments is a serious issue. Major parts and equipment must be protected from red rust, galvanic, and crevice corrosion. Parts that are coated include ancillary threaded fastening systems and other threaded and non-threaded components.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistant coatings can protect materials against chemical attack and prevent reactions to solvents, oils, salts or hydraulic fluids. Parts that are coated include seals and other binding surfaces.


Low-friction coatings reduce makeup and breakout torque. These offer dry film lubrication without the need for additional oils and greases. Parts that are coated include fasteners, threaded connectors, piston casings and compressors.