Oil & Gas Coatings

Whitford uses advanced polymer technologies to produce a broad portfolio of high performance coatings for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. These products have been developed to extend the life of components, increase uptime and reduce maintenance. Our coatings are engineered to withstand challenging environments and are widely specified within the Oil & Gas industry.

Our dedicated teams are actively involved at all levels of the supply chain; operations, engineering and manufacturing. Whitford’s global technical experts and R&D centers are constantly developing new coating technologies to address the needs of the industry:

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a key concern in the Oil & Gas arena. Chemical, galvanic, crevice and pitting corrosion all cause serious damage to components. Xylan and Xylar coating systems provide a protective barrier to minimize the rate of corrosion.

Abrasion and wear resistance

Abrasion occurs when two moving components come into contact with each other and create friction. Over time, this can cause equipment failure. Whitford’s sacrificial, abrasion resistant coatings will extend the life-cycle of these components.

Controlled Friction

Consistent low coefficient of friction reduces make-up torque, improves uniformity and reduces break-out torque. Dry film lubricants enhance the load-bearing characteristics of a coating and provide long-term lubrication under extreme pressure conditions.

Anti-galling and seizing

Galling happens when the thread of a bolt seizes to the thread of a nut due to pressure and friction during installation. Once a fastener has seized it cannot be removed without cutting or splitting the fastener. Xylan and Xylar coating systems provide long-term anti-galling and low breakout torque of assembled components.

Chemical resistance

Components that regularly come into contact with harmful chemicals (such as oils, salt or hydraulic fluids) are at risk of degradation. Xylan and Xylar coatings provide excellent chemical resistance, extending the life and performance of base substrates.

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