Whitford Programs

Whitford Awarded Standards

To assist in the application of coatings and ensure that best practice is followed in the whole process, from coating selection through to surface preparation, application and the testing of coated parts, Whitford has commissioned coater programs.

These are not only designed to offer technical support and training but also look to practical aspects to ensure coaters and applicators have the proper application line setup and equipment to correctly apply Whitford products.

Individual programs have been designed according to the business sector in which they operate, the suitability of each program influenced by the audience being addressed:

QCP: Quality Cooperative Program (Housewares)

Maintaining maximum quality in all coatings is of the highest importance to everyone within the supply chain: cookware manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers. The Quality Cooperative Program helps reaffirm and protect the coating process of everyone who participates.

QAC: Quality Approved Coater (Industrial)

The QAC program was established to address fastener specific products. It is designed to support the efforts of operators, engineers, end-users, OEM’s and coaters, by assuring that high standards of quality are consistently achieved in the application of Xylan® coatings.

WRC: Whitford Recommended Coater (Industrial)

The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain demanding criteria. Among them: the coater must have a thorough knowledge of Whitford coatings and experience in applying them, must complete a Whitford training course held at the worldwide headquarters and must have certain quality-assurance procedures in place. Coaters in the program go through rigorous audits every two years to requalify for the program.

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