From the creation of Whitford’s very first product – Xylan 1010 – the diverse nature of Whitford’s brands, their properties and the range of markets they operate in became clear. Having received industry recognition being used and specified globally, Whitford’s brand families signify quality on a local and worldwide level.

Individually identifiable, Whitford’s brands signify the developments and technological advancements that have been made since the creation of Xylan 1010, paving the way for many more to come.

Whitford’s brands hold trademarks and are registered in more than forty countries.

Additional Whitford Brands


Finished yarns specifically treated to improve the comfort of the garments into which they are knit or woven. Available in various natural and synthetic fibers as filament and spun yarns. Blisterguard® yarns make garments easier to put on, remove and also relieve chaffing and blistering where repeated rubbing occurs, such as athletic and compression socks, sports bras, or other tight-fitting apparel.


Corrosion-resistant coatings providing exceptional barrier properties in a wide variety of corrosive environments. Available as fluoropolymer solutions and dispersions, as well as powder coatings.


Customized finishes, treatments, and coatings for knit or woven fabrics, rope/cord braids or fibers, netting, nonwovens, and other textiles. EterniTex® products are custom-designed for specific applications to improve performance and/or longevity.


Externally reinforced with a proprietary stainless-steel alloy for long-lasting durability. Designed as a system, Excalibur forms a matrix of stainless steel which is welded to the substrate being coated, becoming a part of it. Infused with premium nonstick coatings the Excalibur system has the toughness of stainless steel coupled with exceptional nonstick/release properties.


A low-friction ‘saturant’, increasing the value of and adding significant comfort to various types of textiles. Friction Free Fibers are designed for use with low-friction apparel, such as athletic socks for sports activities.


A nonstick coating that spreads heat evenly across a cooking surface – eliminating hot spots which occur when areas of a pan heat unevenly. Halo is designed to help cook food more evenly, faster and with less wasted energy.


A high-performance sol-gel coating specifically developed for intensive bakeware food production. The Matrix coating systems combine mineral reinforced components and Silica chemistry, keeping its nonstick quality and surface hardness without changing its features when used at varying temperatures.


A rice-cooker coating primarily designed to improved release, extending the life-cycle of rice-cooker, with a smooth, higher-gloss surface to reduce staining.


A premium-quality, decorative silicone-polyester exterior coating. Stain- and UV-resistant, with a high gloss and resistance to high temperatures. Available in a wide range of colors – an attractive and functional choice for domestic cookware and bakeware exteriors. Applications also include personal-care products and appliance exteriors. Xylac for Coil: Available in a range of both high- and lower-temperatures, in a wide range of colors offering high gloss and metallic effects.


Coatings for medical devices offering lubricity and heat resistance, insulation, biocompatibility, color-coding, and resistance to sterilization. XylaMed is designed for applications such as guide wires, electrosurgical tools, hypotubes, mandrels, needles, cannulae, scalpels, surgical instruments, endoscopic blades, and stents.


Inorganic coating materials capable of operating at extremely high temperatures – stable to 1200°F/650°C. As a base or primer coat, salt-spray resistance is greatly improved. Xylar® is frequently chosen for parts used in jet engines or high-temperature exhaust systems.