Made without PFOA, Skandia® is based on a unique technology that improves the overall adhesion to non-uniformly roughened surfaces. Improving overall efficiency, Skandia requires less time and resources to prepare the surface prior to coating. The Skandia family of coatings (Skandia, Skandia2, Skandia Xtreme, Skandia Xtreme Plus) increase the level of flexibility and performance of various application techniques.

Skandia Coating

Roller-Coated Cookware

  • Roller-coated cookware is an economical alternative to spray coatings, offering similar nonstick performance
  • An excellent choice for cost-driven, post-formed cookware programs as roller coating production volumes are typically higher than that of spray application
  • Ideally targeted for Moderate, Promotional and Opening-Price-Point cookware

Coil-Coated Bakeware

  • A single-coat, high-cure system that is resistant to sugar and poultry fat
  • An excellent choice for price/performance value
  • Very high gloss and extra-smooth surfaces designed to resist fingerprints making finished products more attractive on the retail floor
  • Ideally targeted for Economical bakeware and roasters


Coil Bakeware

  • A two-coat version of Skandia, providing higher gloss and improved abrasion resistance
  • The additional coating thickness provided by the second coat helps to increase gloss, abrasion resistance and nonstick properties
  • Ideally targeted for Moderate bakeware and roasters

Skandia Xtreme

Coil Bakeware

  • A one-coat, low-film-thickness, high-cure system with outstanding nonstick and release properties, as well as resistance to high-sugar-content foods and poultry fats
  • An excellent ratio of film thickness to nonstick, made without PFOA
  • Ideally targeted for Moderate bakeware, including cake pans, spring forms and bread tins

Skandia Xtreme Plus

Coil Bakeware

  • Consistent migration performance for both the standard 3 x 2 hour 3% Acetic Acid overall migration (as low as 7μm total DFT) as well as an extreme customer-specific 3 x 4-hour test
  • At 12μm Skandia Xtreme Plus passes the extended 3 x 4-hour global migration test on the most severe of drawn bakeware shapes
  • Exceptional release, stain resistance and outstanding elongation/flexibility

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