QuanTanium® is a multi-layer nonstick coating system reinforced with a unique blend of titanium particles – a particle far harder than the chrome and steel typically used in the production of cooking utensils.

The Quantanium family of coatings (for cookware, bakeware and coil), is designed to provide outstanding resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear, yet maintaining high levels of release. 

QuanTanium for Cookware

  • An internally reinforced waterborne multi-coat offering excellent scratch resistance
  • More durable than conventionally reinforced coating systems due to the incorporation of titanium particles
  • Adheres to grit-blasted or smooth substrates
  • A cost-efficient cookware coating offering superb nonstick properties at a very reasonable price

QuanTanium for Bakeware

  • An internally reinforced, solvent-borne, 2-coat nonstick system
  • A spray version for bakeware incorporating a unique mix of titanium particles blended into the coating
  • Outstanding release provided by silicone – therefore the spray version of QuanTanium for bakeware can be marketed as ‘Made without PFOA’
  • Ideal for aluminum and phosphate carbon-steel substrates

QuanTanium for Coil

  • A two-coat, high cure, internally reinforced nonstick system
  • Engineered to resist the damaging effects of poultry fats and high-sugar-content foods
  • Outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance produced by the incorporation of titanium
  • A harder and more durable coating than conventionally reinforced systems
  • Made without PFOA
  • An ideal choice for the Upper-moderate to Moderate bakeware categories
  • Especially suitable for high-demand applications such as oven roasters in Hi-Top/Tin-Free steel

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