Made without PFOA and PTFE, Fusion® is a coating system based on sol-gel technology; a hybrid of organic and inorganic chemistry common to ceramic engineering.

The Fusion family of coatings (Fusion, Fusion TI, Fusion HR, FusionX) work to extreme temperatures, cure at lower temperatures using less energy and are waterborne.

Fusion Coating

  • Better release, better stain resistance and improved gloss when compared to other ‘ceramic’ nonsticks

Fusion TI

  • Reinforced with titanium-based particles
  • Exceptional durability and resistance to abrasion – far above other competitors sol-gel ceramic coatings tested*

Fusion HR

  • Exceptional nonstick performance – demonstrated via two extremely harsh tests: Whitford’s Thermal Stress Test and Whitford’s Chemical Stress Test*
  • Performance lasts >2.5 times longer than the competition*
  • Release properties previously thought to be unattainable in a sol-gel “ceramic” nonstick coating*


  • The latest addition to the Fusion coating family – a new sol-gel “ceramic” line of exterior coatings
  • A single-coat system available in a wide variety of bright colors – a colorful, eye-catching and easy alternative to porcelain enamel
  • Can be used at extreme temperatures (930°F / 500°C, depending on the color), and suitable for use over a direct flame
  • Parts to be coated don’t require pre-heating and also cure at low temperatures**, saving energy and money
  • Application is with the same equipment as a typical spray line

Whitford’s sol-gel ceramic Fusion nonstick has an independent legal opinion verifying it is compliant with US FDA regulations for food contact and EU master legislation 1935/2004.

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*Test results available on request.