Made without PFOA, Eterna® is a unique technology in fluoropolymer composites, that has created significant advancements in release properties greater than any individual fluoropolymer.

The Eterna family of coatings (Eterna, Eterna for Coil, Eterna Si) are patented nonstick products that provide outstanding long-term nonstick properties for housewares products.

Eterna Coatings

  • Outstanding nonstick/release properties, lasting 26 times longer in the Dry-Egg test* than the leading competitor brand, and 10 times longer than other premium nonstick brands tested
  • Outstanding performance against the competition in the Tiger Paw and LGA Shaker tests*
  • Extremely high gloss to attract consumer’s eye at point-of-sale
  • Film thicknesses available of 1.0-1.5 mils (25-37 microns) for extra wear
  • Available as a two- or three-coat system for reduced inventory and easier application
  • Requires no special equipment – can be applied on standard spray lines and cured using conventional oven equipment
  • Standard surface preparation – surfaces must be clean; aluminum surfaces can be blasted or etched chemically; stainless steel must be blasted
  • Can be applied to stainless steel and aluminum (pressed, cast or hard anodized)
  • Dishwasher-safe

Eterna for Coil

  • A two-coat, high-cure nonstick system engineered to resist the damaging effects of poultry fats and high-sugar-content foods.
  • Extra release and durability make Eterna for Coil the perfect choice for high-end, heavy-gauge bakeware, oven roasters and trays (Hi-Top steel thicknesses up to 0.6 mm and aluminized steel over 0.6 mm). Also suitable for lighter gauges.

Eterna Si for Spray Bakeware

  • Better, longer-lasting release can be achieved on bakeware
  • Outstanding performance in the High-Sugar Muffin test* – conventional bakeware coatings achieve an average of 6 release cycles, Eterna Si achieved 200 cycles
  • Outstanding performance in the Roast Chicken test* – the best competitor coating achieved an average of 5 cycles, Eterna Si achieved 21 cycles

*Test results available on request.

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