Eclipse® is an internally reinforced, nonstick system engineered to outlast other internally reinforced coatings.

The Eclipse family of coatings (Eclipse for Cookware, Eclipse High-Build for Cookware and Eclipse for Bakeware) have remarkable resistance to the abuse and wear that is typical of the average kitchen today.

Eclipse for Cookware

  • A three-coat, high cure coating
    • The basecoat contains a carefully chosen and blended combination of resins and unusually hard materials, permitting a far higher percentage of special reinforcing elements than normal
    • The topcoat is rich in fluoropolymers, and is dedicated entirely to release
  • Outstanding reciprocating abrasion test results* – reaching over 700,000 cycles, the toughest internally reinforced coating previously tested reaching 20,000 cycles

Eclipse High-Build for Cookware

  • Improved through intensive research and development to perform to a standard far above all competitive internally reinforced coatings tested in Whitford’s Laboratories
  • Complies with all United States and European food-safety regulations
  • Can be applied up to 60 microns with no mud-cracking (most nonstick systems mud-crack if applied over 40 microns)
  • System designed to stay in suspension, not settling yet spraying easily – other heavily reinforced systems tend to settle, and can be hard to spray

Eclipse for Bakeware

  • A 2-coat, low-cure, internally reinforced nonstick system
  • Engineered to outlast other internally reinforced bakeware coatings
  • Outstanding release provided by silicone – therefore the spray version of Eclipse for bakeware can be marketed as ‘Made without PFOA’
  • Ideal for aluminum and phosphate carbon-steel substrates

*Test results available on request.

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