Application: Dip Spin (Barrel, Tumble)

Dip Spin (Barrel, Tumble)

A high-quality application method for uniform coating, bulk techniques are the most economical application methods for smaller or irregularly shaped pieces.

The components are placed in an open wire basket above a coating reservoir, which is raised to immerse the parts in the coating liquid. The reservoir is partly lowered and the basket is spun once in each direction to remove excess coating. Once this action is complete, the reservoir is fully lowered and the components are unloaded onto wire mesh trays or conveyors for flash-off and cure. The process is repeated to assure proper coverage of the parts.

Dip Spin is best suited for small parts with simple shapes such as fasteners and small formed or machined parts.

What are the advantages of dip spin?

  • Multiple coat operation
  • fast and simple
  • very efficient
  • large component quantities