Some companies develop products in the abstract — and then bend problems to fit the products. The Whitford philosophy takes the opposite point of view.

Despite chemical and technological advances, fluoropolymer coatings remain the best materials to solve problems of friction, corrosion, wear and lack of release. With the ability to be endlessly formulated and adjusted to enhance given properties as required, fluoropolymer coatings meet specific demands to solve problems in often complex and demanding performance environments.

Philosophy: The Whitford Way

We believe that the way to a better product is to start with a specific problem, and then create a product specifically designed to solve it.

This approach is outlined through our commitment to product formulation, research and development making our product range adaptable across many market sectors.

Whitford coatings offer a wide variety of benefits, including low friction, outstanding release, superior resistance to wear and abrasion, extensive resistance to corrosion and chemicals, a wide operating temperature range, UV stability, thermal stability, pliability, machinability, and outstanding adhesion to most substrates.

Available in many colors, Whitford’s coatings also comply with a range of regulatory standards such as UL® listings, NSF approvals, FDA, REACH and other worldwide regulatory compliance, etc.

Today, our products are solving problems and being specified in many important markets, including but not limited to:

Whatever your coating problem, Whitford probably has the right product to solve it. If we do not, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop the coating that will.