Whitford Companies

Whitford has acquired several companies over the years to enhance its product portfolio, as well as improving the efficiency of its manufacturing process. Alpha Coatings, HP Polymers, Polymeric Systems Inc. (PSI) are all part of the Whitford family.

Alpha Coatings

Acquired in 2006, Alpha Coatings based in Fostoria, OH, manufacture and apply low-friction coatings for automotive and aftermarket components.

Originally applying adhesive coatings for rubber to metal-bonding processes that were used on military vehicles, Alpha’s coating application processes were developed to apply “Low Noise” coatings to automotive sealing systems. Formulating their own coatings, Alpha have further improved processing and performance: this line of coatings became the Resilon® brand that is now marketed and sold worldwide.

Alpha’s flexible substrate coatings also extend into other areas, applying coatings to any flexible substrate, including but not limited to silicone and EPDM rubbers, and all types of thermoplastics (TPV, TPO), and PVC.

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HP Polymers, Ltd.

Acquired in 2011, HP Polymers are a leading Canadian manufacturer of specialty high-temperature polymers for use in coating, ink, plastic and textiles industries around the world. They also custom design and supply Alkyds, Polyurethanes (type 1), Varnishes and other specialty resins for coating wood, paper, concrete, plastic and metal.

HP Polymer’s product line includes oil modified and oil free polyesters, copolymerized polyesters, water soluble and silicone modified polyesters, polyurethanes and epoxy esters.  End use applications range from marine, architectural and appliances through to textile coatings.

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Polymeric Systems, Inc.

Acquired in 2004, Polymeric Systems Inc. (PSI) located with Whitford in Elverson, PA is a leading manufacturer of high-performance sealants, caulks and epoxy adhesives for the commercial construction industry, industrial/OEM applications and the DIY market.

PSI’s commitment to customers’ needs includes custom and toll manufacturing services. Working closely with their end users to develop, produce, and package the product the customer’s need PSI also offer a line of products for private labelling – the same product quality and variety but branded with the retailer’s label.

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