Corporate Social Responsibility

Whitford embraces its Corporate Social Responsibility approach by operating in a compliant (see Quality Programs) and ethical manner across the business as a whole. This includes employees, customers and stakeholders. Recognizing international and cultural differences Whitford considers the well-being and resulting impact on all those we engage with.

Whitford not only looks at its internal practices but is also committed to supporting initiatives in the wider community including, but not limited to, charitable causes and educational partnerships.

Charity involvement:

  • Regular support for and involvement with national charities, from participating in annual calendar dates through to regular on-going activities
  • Committed support to local causes both in geographical terms and those that are close to the heart of Whitford employees, the local community and local businesses
  • Input from all Whitford employees and stakeholders is welcomed as to where to focus time, energy, resources and charitable donations

Educational partnerships:

  • Regularly involved in and supporting local career sessions in schools to further educate local children as to the importance of a career and the potentials within the coatings industry
  • Work experience in conjunction with local schools and educational establishments
  • Apprenticeship schemes assisting young people enter into and continue along a sound career path
  • Internships and placements to help students actively engage when working towards qualifications, and for graduates looking to gain experience within a business and manufacturing environment

Sport within the Community:

  • Sponsorship of local sports teams – encouraging physical activity, teamwork and competitive involvement
  • Whitford employees actively involved in the mentoring and coaching of sports teams from a local level through to national performance

Whitford believes in investing in the future and for the good of the next generation; investing in local businesses, using local suppliers, supporting local trade, and employing local people.

If you are interested in finding out more about Whitford’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions and approach please contact us directly.