Whitford is a coatings manufacturer founded in Pennsylvania by two friends in 1969. The first product they created, Xylan 1010, was a PTFE coating based on an alloy of engineered polymers, originally used on valve actuators. Xylan 1010 was designed specifically to solve two problems:

  • To provide a tough, very low-friction film to withstand abrasion and wear on a rubber seal
  • To be capable of being cured at low temperatures to avoid distorting or blistering the aluminum casting of the actuator housing

PTFE coatings remain the best materials to solve problems of frictioncorrosionwear and lack of release. With the ability to be endlessly formulated and adjusted to enhance given properties as required, fluoropolymer coatings meet specific demands to solve problems in complex and demanding performance environments.

Whitford continues to manufacture and develop a wide range of coating systems to help our customers meet their many challenges.  Operating on a global scale, we offer high levels of technical expertise and customer support. By design, these high-performance functional coatings improve the capabilities and quality of products across a range of markets and applications:

Whatever your coating needs, Whitford has a solution. Please contact us for further information.