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  The first high-temperature-resistant wood-grain coil finish, used here on a toaster oven.  

The first high-temperature-resistant wood-grain coil finish, used here on a toaster oven.

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Whitford Firsts

Our focus on solving problems has led to a series of “firsts” within the industry. Here are a few examples:

  • First fluoropolymer dry-film lubricant to operate consistently at 260˚C/500˚F and above (Xylan 1010, our very first product).
  • First thin-film lubricant to withstand pressures of 150,000 PSI (Xylan 1052).
  • First corrosion-resistant dry-film lubricant (Xylan 1070).
  • First bright white fluoropolymer coating (Xylan 1514).
  • First bulk coating material to deliver consistently 400 hours of resistance to salt spray, later improved to more than 1,000 hours (Xylan 5251).
  • First one-coat that cures at lower temperatures and offers the release of most two-coats (Xylan 8460).
  • First high-temperature-resistant wood-grain finish (Xylan 8885).
  • First coatings designed for use on the curtain coater for economical application of nonsticks to cookware (Xylan 7900 series).
  • First fluoropolymer system to adhere to pyroceram (Xylan 8231/8232).
  • First internally reinforced basecoat dedicated entirely to adhesion to the substrate to provide greater durability for cookware coatings, awarded a US patent (Quantum).
  • First thin (0.0002 inches) metallic coating to be bulk-applied and survive more than 1,000 hours in salt spray (Xylar).
  • First internally reinforced nonstick coating to provide increased durability for coil-coated bakeware (Quantum for coil).
  • First externally reinforced coating system to provide significantly greater durability, justifying nonsticks on top-end cookware (Excalibur).
  • First waterborne VOC-compliant coating for use on rubber substrates for glass-run and freeze-release applications (Xylan 1238/1239).
  • First to use titanium as a special internal reinforcing system (QuanTanium).
  • First internally reinforced nonstick to achieve over 1 million cycles of abrasion testing (Eclipse).
  • First to discover technology that led to extending the release life of nonsticks by as much as 26 times over popular coatings of the day (Eterna).
  • First coatings for severe-duty cordage (mooring ropes) that impart improved durability and service life to ropes by reducing damage incurred by both external and internal abrasion (fiber-to-fiber abrasion).
  • First powder coating with improved release compared to PFA powder that not only improves release but adds significantly to the life of the release itself (the PFA+ Series).


Unless we lose our way, there will be many more “firsts” in the future.

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