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Alpha Coatings
In 2006, Whitford purchased Alpha, manufacturers and applicators of low-friction coatings. Initially, Alpha applied adhesive coatings for rubber to metal-bonding processes that were used on military vehicles. Later, Alpha’s coating application processes were refined and improved to apply “Low Noise” coatings to automotive sealing systems. These are the rubber and plastic parts on vehicles that isolate the outside elements from the passenger cabin. After using coatings from various suppliers, Alpha began formulating their own coatings that would allow for improved processing and performance for the automotive sealing industry. This line of coatings became the Resilon® brand that is now marketed and sold worldwide.

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HP Polymers, Ltd.
Located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, HP manufactures many of the specialty high-temperature polymers that coating manufacturers use around the world. In addition, HP supplies resins for the manufacture of inks and other coatings.

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Polymeric Systems
Whitford purchased PSI in mid-2004. Located with Whitford in Elverson, PA, it is a leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance sealants, caulks and epoxy adhesives. Since its founding in 1969, PSI has focused on supplying custom products, and its formulations are found in a wide range of industrial, commercial and DIY applications. Its business is principally private labeling and tolling of products for others.

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Whitford Flexible Composites
A joint venture with Advanced Flexible Composites (AFC) of Lake in the Woods, IL. The JV is for Europe and is housed in Whitford’s Runcorn, England, facility. WFC coats glass cloth, principally for the belting market, specializing in belts for food applications. Working with WFC, Whitford has developed several proprietary coatings that offer better release and increased resistance to penetration by hot oil and grease.

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