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High-performance Powder Coatings

Whitford manufactures several families of specialized Xylan® powders for use in high-temperature applications. Typical uses for Whitford’s high-heat, silicone powder coatings include:

• Mufflers
• Exhaust systems
• Wood stoves

• Fire places
• Saw blades
• Halogen lamps

• Engine gaskets
• Garden tools
• Barbecue parts


Which of Whitford’s four lines of Xylan industrial
powder coatings fit your needs?

Xylan® 42P, 43P, 44P, 45P Decorative High-heat Coatings
Functional powder coatings designed to provide a highly decorative finish to pieces exposed up to 575°F/300°C. Note: Colors do not yellow after exposure to high temperatures.


Xylan Brochure  

In order to process these coatings you must have access to standard powder spray equipment as well as a curing oven with temperature capabilities of 200°C - 315°C (392°F - 600°F), depending on the grade of powder used. Minimum order quantity is 20 kg (44 lbs). 


For additional information on high-performance powder coatings from Whitford, including pricing and availability, please contact us at powders@whitfordww.com

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