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WEar Resistance

Initial contact between mating metal parts results in momentary welding of asperities (peaks) on each surface. As each part continues to move, the welded asperities are ripped off, leaving behind minute pits. Every bearing and wear surface, no matter how smooth the finish, has asperities.


Xylan coatings provide a thin layer of lubrication to prevent the asperities on mating surfaces from making physical contact with each other. The selection of the best dry lubricant, such as PTFE, moly, or graphite, for these applications depends primarily on the PV (Pressure X Velocity), atmosphere and operating temperature of the application.


Often, a Xylan coating provides enough lubrication to eliminate excessive wear. In most cases, friction and wear of the parts are reduced when one or both are coated with a dry-film lubricant. Also, the coatings serve as a thin cushion, spreading high point loads in bearing and reducing element fatigue.


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