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Test Methods

Whitford performs more than 100 different tests to determine characteristics that include film thickness, completeness of film cure, gloss, opacity, hardness, adhesion, flexibility, impact, drawability, abrasion, mar resistance, coefficient of friction, resistance to chemicals, etc. Our test procedures are designed to examine different dimensions of coating performance, since each facet of a given product that can be examined offers another opportunity to improve the product. Below is a brief glimpse of some of our more common test methods used to test our products in the field.


# 101A Viscosity Measurement by Orifice Dip (Zahn) Type Cup
# 111L Dip Spin Application for 5000 Series Products
# 112A Measurement of Cure Temperature with a Thermocouple
# 114A Measurement of Dry-Film Thickness using an Electronic Gauge
# 114B Film Thickness Measurement with a Micrometer
# 115A Evaluation of Completeness of Cure by Solvent Rub Test
# 115B Cure Test for Xylan 1000 Series Coatings
# 132C Adhesion by Crosshatch and Tape Pull


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