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Nonstick (release) should not be confused with low friction; the two are very different. Friction results from two surfaces sliding across each other, while release is the inability of substances to adhere to a coated surface.


Release is commonly associated with cookware, coated to release food materials, but release is equally vital to industrial processes: thermoforming, rubber molding, automotive and adhesive assemblies, copying machines, etc. In many applications, buildup of foreign particles is a significant problem, i.e., carburetor shafts, choke plungers, butterfly spindles, conveyor parts, instrument probes, fluid injectors, fuser rollers for copiers. Buildup of dirt, ice, soot, scale, food and other foreign materials can jam valve butterflies, throttle shafts, float elements, orifices, plungers, solenoids and other mechanisms.


A thin coating of Xylan is usually sufficient to eliminate the problem. Most foreign matter is unable to cling to the coating and falls off. What does not fall off is easily scraped off when the component brushes against a mating surface.


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