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  Solving Common Coating Problems  

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Problems We Solve

Problem Solving Chart

Whitford has been solving coating problems for our customers since our founding in 1969. One fact has stood out during our years of trouble shooting: when a coating fails, the chances are it is not the coating that is at fault — but the application process.


There are so many variables in applying coatings that can lead to failure. The purpose of this section of the Website is not to cast blame, but to explain what can go wrong and how to put it right.


Following are the most common complaints we hear from customers all over the world, illustrated with enlarged photographs to show the problem clearly. Each complaint is covered in three parts:


  1. Appearance: what the problem looks like.
  2. Probable cause of the problem.
  3. Suggested solutions.


If you are still experiencing problems with your application, click here to Request Application Advice or if you prefer to speak to someone directly, click here to locate your nearest Whitford office.


Bubbles, Pinholes   Blisters   Cobwebbing
Dry Spray   Eruptions in Die Cast Parts   Fish Eyes
Hazing, Low Gloss   Mud Cracking   Orange Peel
Overspray, Cratering   Particulate Contamination   Peeling, Flaking
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