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Problems We Solve

Low Friction

Friction causes heat, wear and loss of energy in dynamic applications. In severe circumstances, friction can cause overheating and bearing seizure. Friction causes abrasive wear, brinelling, galling, scoring, and underloading of fasteners. That's where Xylan comes in.


Xylan is particularly useful when temperatures exceed the operating limits of conventional oils and greases. Because Xylan coatings are based on resin systems with wide temperature capabilities, they can be used from cryogenic to high-heat temperatures.


Excessive friction can be detrimental to bolted joints, in that much of the tightening torque is expended overcoming thread-to-thread and bearing-face friction. In these situations, the bolt is not properly tensioned (preloaded) and the joint can be unexpectedly weak in service. In addition, improperly fastened parts are subject to backout when vibration occurs. Coating the threads reduces the makeup torque by as much as 60 percent and enables users to set preloads more accurately. (For more information on friction ask for a copy of "How to reduce friction with Xylan.")


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