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The EterniTex brand represents a broad range of high-performance liquid products intended for application to natural and synthetic fibrous substrates ranging from wovens, nonwovens to braids, papers, apparel, and beyond. EterniTex products encompass the full spectrum of applications from low-deposition-weight finishes and treatments to continuous integral surface coatings. While improved durability through resistance to abrasion is the core benefit that most offerings provide, it is not the only benefit. Various EterniTex products can impart hydrophobicity (water-repellency), UV protection, release, reduction of friction, or, in many cases, a combination of attributes specific to an end use. An EterniTex system may well give you the extra performance you thought your fabric could not provide.


EterniTex products can offer:

  • release
  • low friction
  • resistance to abrasion
  • water repellency
  • combination of strength and flexibility
  • resistance to oils from cooking
  • resistance to chemicals and UV light


The traditional uses of finishes and coatings on textiles are well understood and served. But new fiber technology and novel uses for fibrous materials are continuously pushing the boundaries of “textile” applications and engineering into end uses that can only be successfully achieved through enhancement with advanced finishes and coatings. As new and unexpected uses for fiber-based materials are imagined, new EterniTex products are being developed to add the performance that the fiber or textile alone cannot deliver. For instance:


  1. Textiles for food contact
  2. Technical rope and cordage
  3. Gasket materials
  4. Textiles for transport
  5. Lighter, more efficient textiles
  6. Coated glass fabric
  7. Filtration textiles
  8. Apparel
  9. Conveyors and transmission belts

EterniTex reduces friction and protects against degradation, increasing the working life of ropes and cordage by at least 25 percent. 




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