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Industrial Coating Guide
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Commercial Bakeware

Xylan® Coatings

Whitford coatings suited for commercial bakeware applications.


Typical Application Product Code Description
Exceptional mold release coating. XLR 17-353 over 17-080 Two-coat, waterborne system with super-high release topcoat with a lightly reinforced primer suitable for a variety of substrates.
Includes bread straps, bun trays and morning goods. 80-510 PFA A PFA resin-based, nonstick, powder coating. General purpose PFA coating.
Includes bread straps, bun trays and morning goods. 80-511 PFA+ A modified PFA resin-based, nonstick powder with improved release and surface smoothness.
Baguette trays, perforated items. 80-550 A FEP resin based, nonstick powder coating.
Morning goods. 1756 over 4018 Xylan 1756 FEP topcoat consists of virtually pure FEP. This topcoat is used when greater release characteristics are required. This topcoat may also be used with a variety of primers.
Adaptable primer can be used for most Industrial Bakeware applications. 4018 Solvent-borne primer.
Adaptable primer can be used for most Industrial Bakeware applications. 80-087 Waterborne primer for lower VOC emissions.
Can facilitate increased build and improved release. 80-178 Solvent-borne primer.
Will give enhanced performance when used as a top coat over powders. Also available in a reinforced version for much improved abrasion resistance. 80-610 High build PFA top coat dispersion
Will give enhanced performance when used as a topcoat over powders — particularly high sugar applications. Also available in a reinforced version. 80-650 High-build FEP topcoat dispersion.
Top-of-stove cookware; food processing; machinery; bakeware. 8221/8224 Two-coat, PTFE nonstick system.
Bakeware lids. 8810 High cure, PTFE based coating.
Rice cookers and applications where excellent long-term performance is required. 8820 HR High cure, fluoropolymer-based coating.



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