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Housewares Coating Guide
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Test Methods

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Whitford performs more than 100 different tests to determine characteristics that include film thickness, completeness of film cure, gloss, opacity, hardness, adhesion, flexibility, impact, drawability, abrasion, mar resistance, coefficient of friction, resistance to chemicals, etc. Our test procedures are designed to examine different dimensions of coating performance, since each facet of a given product that can be examined offers another opportunity to improve the product. This section of our site gives you access to descriptions of the test methods we are using at Whitford to evaluate nonstick-coated products.


NOTE: Tests used for specific applications must be appropriate for conditions the finished article can be expected to encounter. While we utilize more than 100 tests to evaluate all aspects of coatings, most of these do not apply to cookware or bakeware. This site provides the test methods we believe are most appropriate for cookware and bakeware.


Quality Cooperative Program (QCP)

QCP Brochure


It's one thing to insist on quality. It's another to set up a system to achieve it. That's what we're doing with the Quality Cooperative Program.


Because manufacturing and marketing are often separated by continents, quality continues to become more difficult to control. Maintaining maximum quality in all coatings is of importance to everybody; cookware manufacturers, importers, retailers and consumers (not to mention Whitford). The Program helps reaffirm and protect the reputation of everyone who participates.


As a retail or non-manufacturer member, the requirements are quite simple:

  • Specify a Whitford product.
  • Deal with an active QCP manufacturer.
  • Periodically submit samples to Whitford for testing.
  • Display the Whitford trademarks properly.


It's that easy. When you have samples that you want tested, just contact us, and we'll do the rest.


It's not only simple, but it's also all done for free.


We will test the nonstick coatings and provide you with a full, written report within 2 - 4 weeks. If a problem is identified in the report, we will also include recommended steps to resolve the issue. We will help you work with the manufacturer to fix it quickly.



Contact us for more information.


The Quality Controlled Product Seal

... was launched in 1991. And today, Whitford logos are frequently seen at the retail level worldwide. The emphasis on quality continues to grow as competition at every level and in every product category raises standards. By having a dimension that focuses on the retailer, the QCP helps all members stay ahead of the curve.


To help market products that use Whitford coatings, the acronym "QCP" which stands for "Quality Cooperative Program", was transformed into the "Quality Controlled Product" Seal.


Whitford offers the QCP seal for retailers to use on packaging, along with a legend that reads:


"The nonstick coating on this product has been tested according to strict standards established by Whitford Worldwide, its manufacturer. The quality, performance and durability of the coating have met the highest standards of Whitford's QCP and will perform as designed."


If you have a product or program that is using a Whitford coating, and you would like to use the seal, simply contact us.



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