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Skandia for Roller-Coated Cookware

Skandia is a roller coating that offers an economical alternative to spray coatings. Skandia's nonstick performance is similar to that of a spray coating, and since roller coating production volume is typically higher than that of spray, Skandia is an excellent choice for cost-driven, post-formed cookware programs. Skandia is ideal for Moderate, Promotional and OPP categories of roller-coated cookware.


Skandia for Coil-Coated Bakeware

Skandia for coil is a single-coat, high-cure system that is resistant to sugar and poultry fat and offers excellent price/performance value. Skandia has very high gloss and an extra-smooth surface that resists fingerprints, which makes the products more attractive on the retail floor. Skandia is made without PFOA.


Skandia is ideal for the Economical category of bakeware and roasters.


Skandia2 for Coil Bakeware

Skandia2 for coil is a two-coat version of Skandia, providing higher gloss and improved abrasion resistance. The additional coating thickness provided by the second coat helps to increase gloss, abrasion resistance and nonstick properties.


Skandia2 is ideal for the Moderate category of bakeware and roasters.


Skandia Xtreme for Coil Bakeware

Skandia Xtreme is the one-coat, low-film-thickness, high-cure system with outstanding nonstick and release properties, as well as resistance to high-sugar-content foods and poultry fats. Skandia Xtreme has an excellent ratio of film thickness to nonstick, and is made without PFOA. Skandia Xtreme is available in silver and black only.


Skandia Xtreme is an outstanding choice for Moderate bakeware categories that include cake pans, spring forms and bread tins.


Skandia Xtreme Plus for Coil Bakeware

What sets Skandia Xtreme Plus apart from other coatings is the consistent migration performance of the product for both the standard 3 x 2 hour 3% Acetic Acid overall migration (at as low as 7 microns total DFT) as well as the extreme customer-specific 3 x 4 hour test.


Note: Skandia Xtreme Plus (at 12 microns) passes the extended 3 x 4 hour global migration test on the most severe of drawn bakeware shapes.


But that’s not all. New Skandia Xtreme Plus:

  • Complies with all United States and European food-safety regulations.
  • Fully compliant IOS-MAT-0066 coating options available.
  • Is completely shear stable.
  • Offers exceptional release (400 percent more cycles than the minimum Steak and Cake release test requirements).
  • Has excellent stain resistance (tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, English mustard, soy sauce, soy and sugar, etc.).
  • Has outstanding elongation/flexibility: can be formed into complex/shapes without issue.
  • Made without PFOA.


For more information on Skandia, Skandia2, SkandiaXtreme or SkandiaXtreme Plus, contact your Whitford representative.



Skandia 2

Skandia 2

skandia xplus


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