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Housewares Coating Guide
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Nonstick Coating Development Checklist

Click here to access on-line development checklist


When choosing a nonstick coating, the more information you provide your vendor and/or the coating manufacturer, the better your chances are of getting what you want, what you are paying for and saving a lot of time and money. The most important information to provide includes:

  • Category (Cookware, Bakeware, Small Appliance)
  • Market Position (Promotional, Opening Price Point, Moderate, Upper Moderate, Gourmet)
  • Substrate (Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Hard Anodized, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, etc.)
  • Thickness/Gauge
  • Color (provide Pantone or other reference number to match, along with type of finish)
  • Bottom Treatment (Coating will go across the bottom of the pan, Bottom stamp will be used, etc.)
  • Application (Interior, Exterior, Decorative)
  • Preferred application method for the coating (Roller Coating, Curtain Coating, Spray, Coil)
  • What regulations must the coatings comply with? (FDA, ECC, Prop 65, etc.)
  • What testing standards must the coating meet?
  • Any other performance expectations for the coating

By using the nonstick-coated-products development checklist, and including the applicable information to the vendor(s) you are working with, you will save valuable development time by eliminating the seemingly endless back and forth that can happen when a vendor first quotes a project. You ensure that you get pricing on exactly what you need to meet your targets – and will be able to compare all quotes accurately.

You can take it one step further and include the Whitford retail team from the start of any project – new or redesign. We will work with you to identify the exact product or products that meet your criteria. We will supply you with the exact product codes, so you are sure to get apples-to-apples pricing from your vendors, which will save even more valuable time. The help of our overseas colleagues will also be made available to you. They can provide technical assistance to your vendors at any stage of the process, which can help avoid costly delays and prevent problems from hitting the selling floor.

The retail team can also provide:

  • Recommended sources by country, substrate, category, and/or application.
  • Free testing of the nonstick coating, to ensure proper application.
  • Use of our “Quality Controlled Product” Seal for all packaging and advertising, to convey to customers that the coating has been tested and will perform as designed.
  • Marketing copy for packaging.

We are more than just a coating company, we are a valuable partner who is ready and willing to help you at any stage of the development process – from the concept to the cash register.

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