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Housewares Coating Guide
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Small Electrics

Whitford nonstick coatings for small electrics can play an important role in function and design, and as with all Whitford coatings cover a range of performance and price levels to help meet all product needs.


We have coatings for a variety of components:

  • Toasters
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Coffee Makers
  • Indoor Grills
  • Sandwich Makers
  • Rice Cookers
  • Waffle Makers
  • And many more


Whitford Nonstick Coatings for Small Electrics

USE TEMPERATURE Continuous/Intermittent
The world's long-lasting nonstick.
Virtually all electrics where high release is desired.
Multicoat system.
260°/315°C (500°/600°F)
The unique fluoropolymer composite makes Eterna release longer and better.
10 Gourmet,
Upper Moderate
Engineered to outlast all other reinforced coatings.
Electric skillets, grills, griddles, raclettes, roasters, sandwich and waffle makers
Internally reinforced
3-coat; spray.
260°/315°C (500°/600°F)
A unique primer reinforced with an unusually high % of materials that are virtually as hard as diamonds.
10 Gourmet,
Upper Moderate
Reinforced with titanium to stand up to almost anything.
Electric skillets, griddles, grills, raclettes, roasters, slow cookers, rice cookers, waffle makers
Internally reinforced with titanium ceramic
3-coat; spray.
260°/315°C (500°/600°F)
Higher loads of reinforcements, including titanium, for outstanding abrasion resistance and long-lasting performance.
8 Upper Moderate, Moderate
Reinforced internally for extra durability.
Bread makers, electric skillets, grills, griddles, raclettes, roasters, slow and rice cookers, sandwich and waffle makers.
Internally reinforced
2- or 3-coat; spray.
260°/315°C (500°/600°F)
Multicoat nonstick internally reinforced with a diverse blend of ceramic materials for enhanced abrasion resistance.
7 Moderate, OPP
Sol-gel “ceramic” nonstick, free of PFOA & PTFE.
High-temperature applications like deep fat fryers, griddles, sandwich makers
1- and 2-coat;
2-pack system.
300°-350°/400°C (575°-660°/750°F)*
Good release and durability. High temperature. Variety of colours.
7 Moderate
The superior value nonstick.
Rice cookers
One-, two- and three-coats Conventional nonstick
Use temperature of 230˚C/450˚F.
Dramatically improved release life (more than six times that of the conventional nonsticks tested).
7 Moderate
Xylan Plus
Convenience, easy clean and improved durability.
All small electrics where and inexpensive nonstick is desired.
2-coat; spray.
260°/315°C (500°/600°F)
Economical multicoat for good release.
6 Promotional, OPP
Convenience and easy clean.
Coffee makers, rice cookers, sandwich makers, deep fat fryers, waffle makers & irons.
curtain or spray.
230°/260°C (445°/500°F)
Good release and economical.
4 Promotional (price is driving factor)
Decorative finish for plastic and metal housings.
Virtually all small electrics where a decorative coating is desired.
1- or 2-coat system;
230°/260°C (445°/500°F)
Easy clean, decorative enamel for temperature-sensitive substrates. Variety of colours.
N/A All

Made Without PFOANOTES: PFOA-free versions are available; 1= low; 10 = high; OPP = Opening Price Point; *Ask for Fusion Application Guide.


To find out how Whitford coatings add value to small electrics, Click here.


To find out the coating that is right for your application, contact us.


For more information visit our product information portal – Product Knowledge Network


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