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Fusion is a coating system based on sol-gel technology, a hybrid of organic and inorganic chemistry common to ceramic engineering.


What Fusion offers over conventional nonsticks:

  • It is totally free of any PTFE and PFOA, the two ingredients which, however unfairly, have received negative publicity recently (all sol-gel coatings are free of these).
  • Fusion (like other sol-gel nonsticks) can be taken to extreme temperatures (850°F/455°C). If for any reason a fry pan, for example, is left on high heat with nothing in it, the coating is far more likely to survive than conventional nonsticks, which begin to decompose slowly at 650°F/345°C.
  • It is waterborne: handling, mixing and cleanup are accomplished with water.
  • It cures at a lower temperature, using less energy and saving money.




FusionX, Whitford’s new sol-gel “ceramic” line of exterior coatings, is a colorful, eye-catching and easy alternative to porcelain enamel.


  • FusionX is a single-coat system that comes in a wide variety of bright colors.
  • FusionX can be taken to extreme temperatures (500ºC/930ºF, depending on the color) and is fine for use over direct flame.
  • It cures at a lower temperature (280ºC/535ºF), saving energy and money.
  • Parts to be coated don’t require pre-heating, as other sol-gels do.
  • Application is with the same equipment as a typical spray line.


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Fusion X


Click on the following links to download information on Fusion in pdf format.

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