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Excalibur is the toughest, longest-lasting, most durable nonstick coating in the world. Why is it so much better? Because it is reinforced externally with a proprietary stainless-steel alloy.


Most coatings are just that: a coating applied over a metal substrate — a surface finish. Excalibur is a system. A matrix of stainless steel is welded to the article, becoming a part of it. The stainless-steel matrix is then impregnated with premium nonstick coatings. The result is a coating system with the toughness of stainless steel and the release properties of the best nonstick. After over 20 years on the market and reigning choice for gourmet cookware around the world, Excalibur has proven that it is in fact the most durable coating system ever created for top-of-stove cookware.



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