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Housewares Coating Guide
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Eterna for Cookware

A unique nonstick that breaks the rules: now 1 + 1=3! Eterna is unique technology in fluoropolymer composites that creates significant improvements in release properties greater than any individual fluoropolymer. In simple terms, 1 + 1=3!


11 Key Facts About New Eterna

  1. In the Dry-Egg test, Eterna's nonstick/release lasted 26 times longer than a leading brand, and 10 times longer than the premium nonstick tested. Also is a clear winner in the Tiger Paw and LGA Shaker tests.
  2. Has extremely high gloss to attract consumer's eye at point-of-sale.
  3. Offers film thicknesses of 1.0-1.5 mils (25-37 microns) for extra wear if customer so wishes.
  4. Comes in two coats for reduced inventory, easier application (can be three-coat if customer prefers).
  5. Uses conventional cure equipment (no change in oven).
  6. Requires no special equipment (easy to handle with existing spray line).
  7. Is user-friendly throughout entire application process.
  8. Uses standard surface preparation (surfaces must be clean; aluminum surfaces can be blasted or etched chemically; stainless steel must be blasted).
  9. Works perfectly on stainless steel and aluminum (pressed, cast or hard anodized).
  10. Is dishwasher-safe.
  11. Withstands use with metal utensils.


Eterna for Coil

Eterna for Coil is a two-coat, high-cure nonstick system engineered to resist the damaging effects of poultry fats and high-sugar-content foods. It is part of the Eterna family of patented nonstick products and provides outstanding long-term nonstick properties, even in the harshest environments. The product’s special blend of fluoropolymers is made without PFOA.


The extra release and durability of Eterna for Coil make it the perfect choice for high-end, heavy-gauge bakeware, oven roasters and trays (Hi-Top steel thicknesses up to 0.6 mm and aluminized steel over 0.6 mm). Yet its economics keep it suitable for lighter gauges.


Eterna Si for Spray Bakeware

Whitford’s Eterna set a new standard for long-lasting release. Now the same concept of better, longer-lasting release comes to bakeware, to provide the longest- lasting nonstick of all the many bakeware coatings Whitford labs have tested.


Example: In the High-Sugar Muffin test, conventional bakeware coatings usually achieve an average of 6 release cycles. New Eterna Si achieved 200 cycles, more than 33 times as many.


In the Roast Chicken test, Eterna Si went 21 cycles vs the best competitor, which went 5.



What's the latest buzz on the world's long-lasting nonstick?

"The first coating in the history of the test to receive a perfect score in all categories: cleanability, resistance to blistering, durability, and release."
— Appliance manufacturer #1


"Best of any pan tested; No decline in release, that is better than any ever tested."
— Appliance manufacturer #2


More Testimonials

Eterna from Whitford; The World's Long Lasting Nonstick
Eterna Si from Whitford


Click on the following links to download information on Eterna in pdf format.

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