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Housewares Coating Guide
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How it works: Flat metal blanks are placed on a conveyor belt which carries them through a thin, descending "curtain" of coating onto another coater belt to be carried away for curing. Coating that does not fall on the metal falls through an opening into a trough and is pumped back into the curtain process.



  • Promotional, opening price-point and moderate market levels.
  • Cookware: Interiors and exteriors.
  • Bakeware.
  • Small electrics.



  • Speed: This system can coat from 3,000 to 4,000 pieces per hour.
  • Minimum personnel required.
  • Virtually no waste: Since the small amount of unused coating is cycled back into the system, this method wastes less coating than any other.
  • Aesthetics: The only non-spray process that imparts a smooth, glossy finish, with no track marks.
  • Flexibility: Disks can be as thin or as thick as specifications require.



  • Potential coating problems: Conventional coating formulae do not work in the curtain coater. However changes Whitford has made to its coatings have improved their performance in curtain coating application.
  • Specialized equipment is required.


The curtain application method.

The curtain application method.



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