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Whitford's nonstick coatings for cookware offer more healthful cooking with long-lasting release and extra durability of the coating. They cover a range of performance and price levels to help meet all product needs. Click on the links below to explore the coating options for each.


Whitford brands often have a different version for different applications (e.g., cookware or bakeware) or even substrate (e.g., cast aluminum or stainless steel). Each version is a different formulation based on the end use of the product. The information found here should get you started, but it's always best to contact your Whitford representative to confirm that the coating selected best meets the performance, price and testing requirements of your product.


For more information visit our product information portal - Product Knowledge Network


Whitford Coatings Whitford Series Consumer Positioning Application Product Technology Surface Prep
Film Thickness
Features Overall Rating No. of Coats Use Temp
Market Level


The world's long-lasting nonstick.
Multicoat system with reinforced basecoat and special topcoat.
Alkaline wash or grit blast
35+ microns
The unique fluoropolymer composite makes Eterna's nonstick last longer.
10 2 260/500 Gourmet, Upper Moderate
Excalibur Various
(Contact Whitford)
The toughest, longest-lasting, most durable nonstick coating in the world.
3-coat; reinforced with arc-sprayed stainless steel (best used on stainless steel).
Grit blast
35+ microns
Externally reinforced with a stainless -steel allow that locks the coating into place.
10 3 260/500 Gourmet, Commercial
Eclipse 7050
Engineered to outlast all other reinforced coatings.
Special internally reinforced 3-coat; spray.
Alkaline wash or grit blast
35+ microns
A unique primer reinforced with materials virtually as hard as diamonds.
10 3 260/500 Gourmet, Upper Moderate, Commercial
HALO 7161
Reinforced to distribute heat and eliminate hot spots.
Internally reinfoced spray 3-coat.
Alkaline wash or grit blast
35+ microns
Transfers heat more rapidly and evenly, reducing cooking time.
10 3 260/500 Gourmet, Upper Moderate, Commercial
QuanTanium 7141
Reinforced with titanium to stand up to almost anything
Titanium ceramic internally reinforced 3-coat; spray.
Alkaline wash or grit blast
25-35 microns
High load of reinforcements including titanium, for outstanding abrasion resistance and long-lasting performance.
8 3 260/500 Upper Moderate, Moderate
Quantum2 7131
Doubly reinforced to outlast all conventional nonsticks
Internally reinforced 2 or 3-coat; spray.
Grit blast
25-35 microns
Has twice the durability of ordinary nonsticks.
7 3 260/500 Moderate, OPP
Xylan Plus 8255
Convenience; nonstick; durable everday use
2- or 2-coat; spray.
Alkaline wash or grit blast
20-35 microns
Extra layer adds durability
6 2 or 3 260/500 Promotional, OPP
Xylan 8300 or 8600
Convenience and easy clean.
1-coat; spray.
Grit blast
15-25 microns
Good release and durability.
4-6 2 232/450 Promotional (price is driving factor)
Skandia Various (Contact Whitford)
Skandia & Skandia Xtreme for roller coatings systems.
4-5 coats by roller.
20-30 microns
High-release, high gloss roller coating system. Many options.
6-8 3 260/500 Promotional to Moderate
Fusion 8088
High-temperature ceramic; PFOA- & PTFE-free.
1 or 2 coat; spray lower cure temperature
Grit blast
15-25 microns
High temperature resistance; Very hard and durable.
6-8 1 or 2 400/750 Moderate
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